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ICE Security

So you're spending possibly a small fortune on kitting out your vehicle with a top-class entertainment system. You don't want it falling into somebody else's hands. The Blue ICE Guide to In-Car Security aims to give you the lowdown on all the options:

Security codes

Many units take advantage of this feature, whereby, if the unit is removed, a pincode needs to be entered into the unit before it will function.

Mask key

Working on the same principle as security codes, which need to be manually entered, some units use a remote transmitter, which sends the digital code using infra-red.

Removable front panels

Your head unit isn't going to be much use to a thief if the front panel, with all of the control switches, is missing. Hide it in the car or, preferably, don't take unnecessary risks - take it with you in your jacket pocket or handbag. They won't even be able to see what a quality unit you've got in the car, let alone steal and use it.

Head unit masking

Some head units feature a turning front panel which revolves when the unit is not in use to leave a plain face on show - as if you had no unit in your car at all.

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