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Terms and Conditions

This page sets out the terms and conditions that apply to your use of this website and any transactions you may carry out through it. These terms and conditions are supplemented by the following additional pages:


Information provided on this website

While we make every effort to ensure that the information set out on this website is accurate, we refuse the right to supply goods where descriptions or prices have been misstated. In such instances, we will make a full refund and bear any transaction charges relating to the order.

Stock and supply

The Blue ICE online store contains both products held in stock by Blue ICE and others available from our suppliers. Where a product cannot be supplied straight away, a notice may appear during the purchase/checkout process to advise the customer. We will also keep the customer updated on the status of their order and will do our utmost to supply the product(s) in a timely fashion. Where we are unable to supply the requested products within a reasonable timeframe, we will happily refund in full any sums paid by a customer, bearing any applicable transaction charges.

Safe use of Blue ICE online service

While we make every effort to ensure that our website and e-mails are free from viruses and any other malware, all users should ensure that their computers are adequately updated and protected from threats of all descriptions prevalent on the internet. This includes running an up-to-date virus scanner and anti-spyware application.

We recommend that all users also read our privacy policy which sets out more details about the safeguards we have put in place for your privacy.

Applicable law

Use of the Blue ICE online services is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom. Applicable legislation governs these terms and conditions and will apply to any dispute which may arise between you and Blue ICE.

Contract formation

The necessary steps to create a contract between you (the customer) and Blue ICE are set out below:

  • You place an order for goods and/or services by pressing the 'submit' button at the end of the checkout process;
  • We will send you an email confirming the goods and/or services you have ordered. This is not, however, a formal acceptance from Blue ICE;
  • A despatch confirmation email will be sent when your goods are sent to you or the service is fulfilled;
  • Acceptance and completion of the contract between you and us will commence on despatch of the goods/services unless we have notified you that your order will not be accepted or you cancel the order.

Non-acceptance of an order may be the result of one of the following situations:

  • the goods/services you ordered are currently unavailable;
  • your payment has not been authorised;
  • we identify an error with the pricing, product or description.
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